eBay Store Design

Bare Bones Organic Body Jewelry

An Asia-Pacific based designer and producer of high quality and competitively priced organic body jewelry needed a new brand identity to match their high production values. The name '‘Bare Bones’', the logo and branding you see here are what I delivered to a delighted '‘Bare Bones’' team.

Bare Bones also wanted to maximize the potential of eBay as a sales channel. To enable Bare Bones to achieve this, I worked closely with Bare Bones to devise an effective way to present and communicate their selling and marketing strategy. The result? A fully customized eBay Store and Auction Listing Template that will give Bare Bones a much needed edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

The '‘Bare Bones’' project is typical of the kind of work I love to do; work that requires a useful blend of creative, technical and marketing skills, and above all, the ability to communicate well.

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